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Harvard Speaks Up

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Harvard Speaks Up

A web project by SMHL (Student Mental Health Liaisons) 

Harvard Speaks Up is a website currently being created by SMHL (Student Mental Health Liaisons) which aims to address the stigma surrounding mental health issues that causes too many to struggle in silence.  The website will feature videos recorded by members of the Harvard community – students, faculty, and staff – sharing personal stories of struggling in a manner that lets people know that there is hope, they aren’t alone, and that things will get better.  Thus, we’re looking for individuals willing to record a video in the hope that their honesty will encourage a more open community.


The nuts and bolts

  • Record a video of yourself – you can use your phone, your computer, or a video camera
  • Sample video outline – try to keep the length at around 2 minutes
    • 1 – Introduce yourself  (Name, House, concentration, role at Harvard, etc…)
    • 2 – Describe the difficulty you encountered
    • 3 – Describe how you overcame the obstacle – is it something you’ve learned to cope with or is it something you’ve overcome entirely?   Did anyone or anything help you in the process (eg. friend or mentor, family, professional services, a life event, etc…)?
    • 4 – Segue into a closing with the following words “Speak up.  You’re not alone”
    • Next, create a YouTube account and upload your video to the account
      • You are more than welcome to keep the video private and disable comments
        • You will always have the option to take down the video whenever you choose.
  • Please title the video “Harvard Speaks Up”
  • Once you are done, email the link to Meghan Smith at and Seth Cassel at
  • Before the video is posted, we will have you sign a disclaimer so you know exactly how the video will be used


Add to the campus conversation about wellness. Voice your support for more open discussion of mental health in the Harvard community and beyond.  Your contributions will make a difference.  Record a video today!


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